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Pursuing my passion has been one of the best things I've done in life. I love that I have create my own opportunities just from creating the type of content that I like to engage others with. For me, there's nothing more fun than talking to people about wildlife and nature. It literally always puts a smile on my face.

The only issue that has come up along this journey is the paper, moola, cash money. As much as I wish money didn't have to factor into anything, it does. It takes money to grow. I've already dabbled a bit by providing writing services a.k.a. if you need an article or interview in the realm of wildlife, the environment and outdoor activities I got you. Not to mention I have an event cooking up for next year, but it's a bit inconsistent. What is a wannabe entrepreneur to do? Turn to the internet of course! I have this kooky little idea that I can provide not only services, but products too! I'm going to start off with enamel pins. These little cuties make expression easy and are also fun to collect (if you like collecting thing like me). I'm excited because I commissioned my first design... a Northern Cardinal! The first collection is going to be (American) Backyard Birds. I plan to have them launch in early fall. I'm nervous ya'll. Sales and marketing are subjects I never learn about in school. All I know is that I'm down to figure out how I can keep pursuing my passion without going bankrupt. Here's to expansion and sustainability!

If you would like to preorder a pin for $15 shipped CLICK HERE.

*Orders aren't charged until it's time to ship.*

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