SPECIES Podcast Feature!

This past Sunday I had the most fun chatting with Macken over at the SPECIES Podcast. He is a fellow animal lover and graces us with podcasts every week talking about new animals. We need more folks like him!

It was such a breezy and light conversation that popped around from how I began loving animals, why adding a bit of fun to education isn't a bad thing, my wildest dreams and even a few jokes about (hypothetical) animal battles.

It clocks in at 41 minutes, but it felt like it fly right by. If you have the time, please take a listen. I'd love to know what you think about and what other topics you'd enjoy hearing me talk about. You can leave feedback in my DMs on Twitter or Instagram, or just email me at ashley@thewildlifehost.com!

Check out my SPECIES Podcast episode "Human: Ashley Gary, The Wildlife Host" at the SPECIES Podcast website or on iTunes.

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