Progress and Plateaus - Summer '19 Update

It's been some time since I've addressed my adventure in establishing a brand for myself, while at the same growing it to new levels. So much has happened since the last update in March.

I have done a number of podcast interviews and even one on video. They all pushed me out of my comfort zone and were all so fun to participate in. I plan on linking these media appearances on their own page of my website soon (if I can ever find the time). I have also been exploring ways to monetize my business to keep my science communications efforts rolling. Everything I do is free and from my heart, but in order to ramp things up and break new boundaries, I have to add a cash flow. With the help of my Twitter followers (love yall), I was able to register my business! That has been one of the biggest steps I've take so far. I also decided on my first product being a Northern Cardinal enamel lapel pin. Pins like these are cute and collectible so I thought I'd give it a try. Of course, I had a hiccup with this process too. When I finally received the pins they looked different from the proof: there was an area that looked like a smudge and the feather strokes were so dense that the pin looked dark, instead of a bright, vibrant red. I was really dismayed, but I took this set back as an opportunity to design the pin and make it into the best product I can offer. My manufacturer has been really understanding through this whole ordeal and provided a new proof and started manufacturing right after my approval for free. Their customer service gets an A+. In the future, I plan to do charity pins where all profits would go to a non-profit organization that supports animal welfare, species protection and/or habitat protection. I have also decided to create a line of science shirts in the near future. I am hopeful that these products will allow me to absorb the costs of publishing children's books, host children, adults and family events, as well a providing other conservation resources to the public.

In the near future I will be appearing on the NGS Navigators podcast to discuss my experience as a science communicator, so I hope you'll tune in. I'm still playing around with the idea of creating a podcast, but I'm still trying to get my other affairs in order first, like my Instagram feed. To all of my Instagram followers, my apologies. I am still recovering from the burnout of doing the #DailyWIldlifePick everyday for a year, eventually posting them to two platforms along with quizzes and shoutouts. While my picks are still near and dear to me, I'm trying to formulate a posting schedule that will be accommodating to my busy schedule. I think I may have it all figured out soon. Trust that I am trying to figure out the best content formats for both Twitter and Instagram.

Just know that I am always busy with wildlife on my mind and you'll be seeing new content, collaborations and offerings from me soon!

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