Progress and Plateaus: March '19 Update

It's that time again for an update on my journey to build a wildlife brand from scratch.

March was a good month for my brand. I have continually tried to expand my reach and provide interesting content about wildlife. I actually had some payoffs. Twitter seems to be the major source of my "real life" opportunities. The first bit of good news was Ive V. reaching out to me and asking if I wanted to do an interview on her podcast, Science Sucks. Contrary to its name, the podcast celebrates all types of science and science careers. It was such a pleasure talking with her and sharing more about myself and what I do with others. If you want to listen, just follow this link. I appreciate any support and would love it if you could show that same love to Ive's podcast.

I was then approached to be part of a documentary about women of color in STEM. I can't share much about this right now as things aren't solidified, but they are in the works. If everything goes well, I'll have an update for you all in the near future!

The opportunities kept rolling in and I had an awesome chat with Tokiwa Smith from SEM Link here in Atlanta about participating in a couple of things, including a STEM Career Fair last Saturday. Let me say this, I was nervous about this, but very excited at the same time. It was amazing to talk with children and parents about wildlife, science, and science communication. I can't wait to have more opportunities to meet with people in person.

I also made some progress with my science writing as well. I negotiated my first paid article! 😱

I worked with this client on an article about a month ago and they really valued my work. I feel so grateful. Hopefully it's the start of a great business relationship. I'm hoping to duplicate this success and have several contracts. I was also asked to be an (unpaid) contributor to a brand very relevant to what I'm doing. It was so unexpected and I'm so happy that they somehow found me. There are a lot of mixed reactions to people creating content for free, but I feel like sometimes the opportunity is itself valuable. This isn't always true though and there's no reason to take on any project you don't want to. You'll have to figure out what will and won't work for your brand.

It's very reassuring to see your efforts start to take form. Patience is truly key. Just keep producing your work and getting it out in front of your audience. You never know who is watching!

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