Progress and Plateaus: February '19 Update

Time for another update!

There's been a bit of progress since the last time I wrote about building my brand. Since that time I have decided to tackle raising awareness of my brand on multiple platforms.


My follower count on Instagram is hovering around 1,600. I still have to figure out a growth plan for my followers, but I have been exploring new ways to keep people engaged with my content. My newest form of engagement is playing a guessing game. I do a poll to get folks to interact more with my stories. Sometimes they are directly related to the #DailyWildlifePick and other times they have to do with the weekly theme. So far I've found that I get the most reach (# of unique accounts) and impressions (total # of views) on these story posts compared to others.


In the last couple of weeks I've gone from less than 40 followers to more than 300. With that increase I decided to branch out and began to link to my Instagram posts on Twitter. This has given me consistent original content to share in addition to ReTweets and commentary. I use Tweet.Photo for this because it actually shows the image preview that doesn't happen with the native Twitter share function of Instagram. I also do polls on Twitter. Sometimes it's hit or miss, but when it's working it works very well. I had previously just been asking people to guess the #DailyWildlifePick with a couple of hints given. I figured after about a week that I could probably get more responses if it were multiple choice. My first poll got 72 votes compared to a handful of replies. I'm now adding new content types on there, like wildlife news and a #NowIKnow tweet where u share something new I learned that day.

Maybe you can tell, but I'm not scared to try new strategies. You'll never know what works until you give it a shot. So if you have a new idea for your grand, go head and try it. If it works then awesome! If it doesn't work then just go back to something that does and you will have learned a new lesson.

What strategies have worked for you guys?

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