New Jersey Bans Wild Animal Traveling Acts

Great news for animal welfare proponents! New Jersey has become the first state to outlaw wild and exotic animals being used in traveling acts like circuses and carnivals.

I know... I know... This may be a hard pill to swallow for some people because they have fond memories of seeing the animals at these events growing up. I have those memories too. The thing is as much as we thought the animals were having fun entertaining us, they weren't. These beautiful and usually endangered animals were not being taken care of to high standards (not enough room, not enough enrichment) but were in many cases being abused. That's no life for any creature.

"Nosey's law" as it is called, got its name from a 36 year old elephant named Nosey that was forced to travel the country with a traveling circus, despite her arthritis.

Many people don't realize it, but many animals and especially mammals, can get the same ailments and diseases as we can. Anyone with arthritis can empathize with her. Luckily Nosey is now at a wildlife sanctuary living out her days in a more natural environment. This law will ensure that other animals won't have to suffer like this African elephant did.

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