I Shoot Animals Now

A Fiery Skipper drinks nectar from a flower. I took this with my 18-55mm lens.

Don’t get your underwear in a bunch. I mean I shoot animals with my *NEW* camera. I recently bought a Canon Rebel T6 camera* to start my YouTube journey. However, I’ve found a new passion… wildlife photography. I knew I liked looking at wildlife photos and creativity flows through me, but I didn’t realize how well I’d take to learning a DSLR camera and capturing the life around me to share with you all. I was basically overflowing with excitement when it finally came in the mail. Unfortunately for me, though, I get home around 6pm and discovered that the battery would need 2 hours to charge. Dang it! By the time it was ready the sun had already gone down. Then I had a class on Saturday morning (I’ll have a future blog post about this class) which lasted well into the afternoon, but as soon as I was home you better believe I popped that battery into the camera and got started.

A female mallard sits in a small lake as ripples form around her. I took this shot with my 75-300mm lens.

There is just something so exciting about being able to get the right shot. You might be just sitting around for a while and nothing is really happening, or you may hear a million birds but they are all hidden in a shrub. This literally just happened to me a couple of days ago. There were so many birds shuffling and singing in a bush, but for the life of me I could not get a clear shot with so many branches in the way. The great thing is that when one opportunity is lost, another will just appear. As I was walking away from this lively bush, TWO chipmunks scurried out in front of me. Luckily I was fast enough to get a few shots of one of them. It was such a magical moment. I went from being disappointed that I couldn’t get the pictures I wanted to super grateful I didn’t just immediately leave because those chipmunks were so cute and I usually don’t get to see them. Typically I can hear them around (chipping of course), but they stay out of sight.

A chipmunk stands at the edge of some vegetative cover. I took this shot with my 75-300mm lens.

I’ve been sharing highlights of each day on my Twitter and Instagram, but I will share here too. Along with photography I am interested in taking video of natural behaviors to share. It’s a lot easier for me to teach others about wildlife when you get to see how they actually live their day to day lives. I think that this is going to be one of my favorite hobbies and I hope you all enjoy the content I have in store!

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