Get Wild Inside

As you might know, much of the country is feeling pretty brisk right about now. What’s a wildlife lover to do when it’s too cold to get out and walk around a park or zoo? There’s still a way! If you’re looking for a bit of wonder there’s a place you can visit some of the coolest animals in the world without freezing off a finger or two… the aquarium.

In the United States, there are over 50 accredited aquariums. Visiting an aquarium can be a magical experience where you can a wide variety of wildlife from birds to jellyfish. I happen to live very close to one of the largest aquariums in the world, Georgia Aquarium. My experience there was amazing. There were exhibits on penguins, shallow pools where you could gently feel variety of animals like starfish, there was even a huge gallery that had manta rays and a whale shark. I have never felt more in awe of anything in my life. I actually went on a rainy day (my birthday) and it was a welcome respite from the nasty weather. Hopefully it can be the same getaway for you during this cold spell!

You can find the nearest aquarium to you here.

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