I'm Ashley Gary, bonafide wildlife lover.


I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by animals. I was really born this way. I grew up watching Nature on PBS every week and waiting patiently to see a new Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom or National Geographic Special coming up in the TV guide.


In the 6th grade I saw a picture of a scuba diver on a reef. They were an oceanographer and I decided I would be too-- until I realized they didn’t work with the marine creatures I loved so much. I quickly turned to marine biology... Well, life happens and I didn't grow up to be a marine biologist. I didn't even get an undergrad degree in the sciences (it was art history, one of my other loves). I made my way back to the sciences with grad school, but I still have to cross the finish line to get this master's degree in Environmental Science & Policy. Fingers crossed that I get that out of the way this year. However, I don't think that degree really defines me or validates me as a scientist or science communicator. 


My passion does that. 


I live and breathe wildlife. Every species is unique and wonderful to me. I get up everyday thinking of new ways to share known research about animals to people. My Instagram is a great place to get a quick dose of wildlife everyday; I share on my page and my stories. If IG isn't your thing, I also frequent Twitter these days. I get a real kick out of #ScienceTwitter.  There's always something new on my timeline, be it research, fellowship and career opportunities, games or even jokes. When I'm not sharing my enthusiasm for the natural would around me through social media, I'm writing content. I have a blog on this site, and I also offer writing services for wildlife and outdoor brands, as well as other brands seeking this type of content. I have just recently started the process to open my first online shop to support my wildlife ventures. If you like what I do, please support. 


Everyday I'm grateful that I had the courage to leave my stable job, move 600 miles away from home and start anew with my wildlife career. One day I'll be hosting nature documentaries and showing kids that they can do this too. Until then, I'll be building my brand and embarking on new journeys to turn my passion into a business.


In the coming months, you'll find more offerings from me including free learning resources, free and paid media, and exploratory wildlife tours. 


I'm glad you've tuned in early, you'll get to watch my whole story. 💜



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